Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Boro Thunlai Afad) was formed on 16th November, 1952.

With a view to developing Bodo language and literature, specially to establish Bodo Language as Medium of Instruction, a literary organization was formed by the then educated youths of Dhubri in the name and style of Bodo Literary Club, Dubri on 17th July, 1952 with Birendra Narayan Brahma Patgiri as the President and Rajendra Nath Brahma as the Secretary. Formation of the organization may be termed as the turning point of the Bodo language and literature. Because, under the initiation of that organization, present Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Boro Thunlai Afad) was formed on 16th November,1952. The founder President of Bodo Sahitya Sabha was Joy Bhadra Hagjer and the General Secretary was Sonaram Thaosen. Since inception till today, it has been struggling for the development and survival of Bodo language and literature and hence, it can be truly said- “The History of Bodo Sahitya Sabha is the History of Struggle”. In India, Education is the state subject and so, soon after formation of the Sabha, it had raised demand before provisional Government of Assam to implement Mother Tongue Bodo language as the Medium of Instruction, but the Government did not pay heed to the demand. So, having no alternative, the Sabha had decided and started its democratic movement from the month of December,1952. The demand was raised on the plea of the Constitution of India to provided facilities to the children to earn education through mother tongue in the primary level as per provision provided under Section 350 (A) of the Indian Constitution.

The provision provided in the constitution seemed to be in vain, because the provincial Government of Assam did not take the needful, for fulfilling the demand of Bodo Sahitya Sabha for long ten years. Lastly the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam, Bimala Prasad Chaliha declared Bodo language as Medium of Instruction for the primary level in the meeting held in the field of Kokrajhar High School on 18th May,1963 and since then,18th May is being observed by Bodo Sahitya Sabha as Bodo Medium Implementation Day.