Infusion of Information Technology in preserving, promoting and documenting Bodo Language & Culture

ASCOSYS is a professionally managed organization, equipped with highly qualified technical and marketing professionals. An organization with strong technical capabilities working in the field of Information Technology to make optimum utilization of the available resources, to give maximum return for the money invested by all shareholders, market extensions and employment generations etc. We are confident to reach the maximum possible height within a short span of time.

Our first responsibility is towards our customer. Without them we would have no reason of existence. We strive to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, catering in a professional manner to their needs. Our value to the customers includes a wide selection of quality products competitively priced and delivered with courtesy. We require our entire organization to be continuously customer oriented. Our future success depends upon meeting customers needs better than our competitors.

The most important part of our business will be our resellers, which will work as the middleman in our effort to reach the target customer. We want a sincere and dedicated service from our retailers to our customers. We also wish for their valuable advice and cooperation towards the management. We believe resellers as an extension of our business arm and they are a part and parcel of our business entity. We will give them all the support they require to carry on their activities. We will try to keep them tuned. We are committed to honesty and integrity in all relationship. We are demanding, but fair.